Digital PR for Online Amplification

Digital PR campaigns can create a buzz, drive traffic, earn media mentions, and generate backlinks of the highest quality.

But how do you generate PR for an eCommerce brand?

Simple! Engage a digital agency that specialists in eCommerce. Our creative PR specialists work with our eCommerce experts on campaign ideation, production, implementation and, of course, promotion.

Gain mentions, product exposure, and more.

Boost Search Ranking Through Digital PR

Many SEOs state that ver recent years Google has given a greater focus on brand recognition as a ranking signal.

But how can you take advantage of this?

Get it right, and not only will it help with branding and exposure, it’ll also gain the type of links that many SEOs would go crazy for, which can give a GREAT boost to organic SEO + rankings, AND be very hard for competitors to replicate.

Are you getting regular press coverage and product placements? If not, let’s talk!

eCommerce Digital PR