Accelerate Your eCom Social Media

Social media can be an excellent source of traffic & sales for eCommerce, right? Well, that’s what many say, but often efforts can be wasted, sadly…

If you don’t have a solid strategy, not JUST to expand your reach across the social platforms, but also on how to convert the attention you can gain on social channels into VISITORS and then SALES, what’s the REAL benefit? ‘Likes’ don’t mean profit – in fact, ‘Likes’ don’t even pay the hosting fees, right?!


It’s too easy to spend hours (or pay someone else to) on social media, gain a great following, and have bugger all results in terms of revenue increases!

So, what’s the solution???

Combining brand reach campaigns with a solid strategy in place to make the best of that reach is where it’s at. That could be running contests via social media to benefit traffic or SEO, gaining top of funnel opt-ins to your mailing list (moving social media users onto your ‘owned’ marketing channels), creating & promoting special offers, remarketing tactics, and more

A combined effort is needed for social media to work well, otherwise you risk wasting time & money for ‘vanity metrics’.