Full Woocommerce Marketing


Woocommerce is wonderfully easy-to-use and the platform provides a great user experience when done right. But are you finding that conversions aren’t as high as expected?

An Enticing Store Isn’t Enough…

So you’ve got a beautiful looking store built with Woocommerce. Your branding looks sweet as. You’ve got some great products that people will love, and your pricing is spot-on…

Sounds like you’re ticking all the right boxes.

But sales are slow.

It’s a trickle, rather than the flood you expected.

Don’t worry – this is normal. You just need to take the next step…

Getting Your Message Out There

No eCommerce store can survive and thrive without a good marketing strategy.

Woocommerce stores are no different.

You can’t just rely on the built-in tools – SEO, blogs, incentives, coupons, upsells, etc.

Don’t get us wrong – these are all important parts of an overall strategy.

But you need to get back to the nuts and bolts. That’s our superpower here at The Alternative Agency. We are experts at getting your brand out there, in front of your ideal customers.

Complete Woo-marketing Service To Boost Sales

Our full Woocommerce marketing service will join up all the dots. Working with you, we’ll put together a powerful strategy.

Then, we’ll implement it all for you – from integrating the right marketing tools, such as email autoresponders and analytics suites, to creating highly targeted ad campaigns that pull people directly to your storefront.

Our main focus will be growing your brand awareness and reputation, attracting your ideal customers, and making sure that you get maximum ROI on your marketing spend.

Optimise Your Woocommerce Marketing Efforts

We’ll help you to maximise the potential of Woo’s built-in features and extensions, as well as third-party plug-ins, to get high traffic and the best possible conversion rates.

We can help you build an email list with opt-ins and set you up with autoresponders for email marketing. If you want to boost sales we can help you create product bundles and irresistible offers, upsells and cross-sells or install countdown timers to create urgency.

Our team has wide-ranging skills and expertise when it comes to Woocommerce marketing. We’ll apply all the best practices and proven strategies to help you grow your store and take it to new heights.

Don't waste anymore time on DIY marketing

Marketing needs to be dynamic.

The digital landscape is changing all the time and your brand marketing needs to adapt quickly to sustain and accelerate growth.

What you need is a fresh, bold, and adaptable strategy. That’s what we offer at The Alternative Agency. You’ll get a Woocommerce marketing strategy that is cutting-edge and dynamic.

Our full Woocommerce service means that you’ll free up valuable time to make the important decisions and direct your business towards your goals.

Woocommerce Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the lifeblood of any eCommerce business.

Maybe your Woocommerce store isn’t reaching the levels of growth you expected? Are you a bit at sea when it comes to defining your ideal customer? Is your brand lacking clarity or energy?

Getting your inbound marketing right means you need to be completely tuned-in to your target market. This isn’t easy. It’s difficult to be objective when it’s your business.

You’re not alone. Practically all eCom owners fail when they try to stand back and define their ideal customer or create high-impact value propositions.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

At The Alternative Agency, we make it our mission to understand your business and market inside-out.

We’ll dig deep into the psychology and buying habits of your ideal customer, and draw up a detailed profile.

From this we can create a set of inbound marketing strategies that will make customers beat a path to your virtual door.

In other words – no more chasing customers and wasting too much time on paid ads, cold calls or cold emails that don’t yield a good return.

Make Your Woocommerce Store Stand Out

Just think – most of your competitors are focused solely on paid marketing strategies to get traffic

And that’s it.

They’re not doing anything else. In other words – they’re leaving money on the table.

By drawing up an accurate buyer persona and targeting your marketing to appeal to them, we can make your Woocommerce store leap out from the crowd.

Our team of experts at The Alternative Agency can help you to fill your sales funnel with people that are primed to buy – just get ready for sky-high sales figures!

Woocommerce Store Optimisation

Make sure your store is fully optimised to get maximum traffic and conversions.

Woocommerce CRO

Woocommerce CRO

Low conversion rate getting you down? Good traffic, but not enough buyers? How can you tell which conversion rate optimisation strategies work and which don’t?

Every Woocommerce store owner knows that CRO is important.

But how to optimise your conversion rate effectively is another story.

Most have tried various methods, but they just can’t seem to boost their conversion rate. Does this sound familiar?

Identify. Innovate. Optimise.

To enhance your website conversion rate, we’ve come up with a foolproof system that we can implement for you.

  1. Identify. We’ll analyse your data, review your funnel, and find the leaks. Where are people dropping out? Are there copy issues? Technical performance issues? Are you attracting too many unqualified visitors?
  2. Innovate. Our CRO experts will design a customised strategy to plug the leaks and boost your conversions.
  3. Optimise. At The Alternative Agency, we understand the importance of data and iterative improvements. We’ll adapt the strategy as and when needed to fully optimise your results.

Woocommerce SEO

SEO may seem like a mystical art.

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to rank well enough on Google.

You’ve done your keyword research. You’ve included them at the right density in your content. You’ve nailed your meta-description and data. You’ve tried to get good quality backlinks. In fact, you’ve followed every bit of advice and “best practice” recommended by the online “gurus”.

But for some reason – it still ‘aint working…

There’s a good reason for this…

Woocommerce using WordPress is a great platform, especially if you want full control over your hosting (if that’s not important to you, Shopify is another option).

That said, there are several SEO issues with a standard Woocommerce set-up:

  • Product URL canonicalisation causing duplicate pages & inefficient crawl budget
  • Lack of default internal linking, can easily become hard to manage
  • SEO issues with out of stock products
  • Schema product issues
  • And more…

We’re highly experienced with both Woocommerce & Shopify, not only do we work on the SEO of both platforms, but we build sites on them too, so between our SEOs & WP devs, we cover a lot of ground. We can also build custom WP plugins, too.

So, if you need your WordPress SEO to be spot-on, let’s chat!


SEO Requires A Solid Long Term Strategy

SEO is not a magic bullet or a quick-fix.

You can’t just spend an afternoon adding keywords, meta-data, and backlinks, then expect overnight results.

It doesn’t work like that.

To benefit from SEO you need a fully joined-up, dynamic, sustained approach. In other words, you need a Woocommerce SEO strategy to get your store ranking on or near the first page.

Powerful Woocommerce SEO Strategy & Service

Here at The Alternative Agency, we always think outside-the-box… And we focus solely on eCommerce, with a strong affinity with Woocommerce & Shopify in particular.

While your competitors are just tinkering around with their SEO, we can help you charge ahead with a laser focused, well organised, yet adaptable SEO strategy that will get results.

By results, we don’t just mean rankings either! We know when it comes to eCommere, revenue & profit is what matters, so that’s how we like to measure our success.

Our way of working!

Step 1  We’ll have a chat to see what exactly you want to achieve, and how we can help you get there.

Step 2 – We’ll create a complete strategy briefing covering your goals and a structured plan of attack to achieve them.

Step 3 – Once the project is approved by you, it’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and implement our game plan!

Step 4 – No, we won’t just send you reports once in a while and disappear. Our dedicated Account manager will be on-hand always to help you!