Joined Up eCommerce Strategies

To get the best eCom results, you need a joined-up, integrative strategy across multiple channels, combined with a solid conversion strategy.

We’ll create a strategy that keeps your brand on-point and attention-grabbing across selected channels, enticing customers to your landing page. But we don’t stop there. Some lesser agencies concentrate solely on ads and organic traffic. That’s only half the battle.

At The Alternative Agency, we’ll help to optimise your landing pages, using expert copywriting and content techniques, as well as CRO and A/B testing. Just think – if your conversion rate goes up just a few percent, that can have a huge, positive impact on your sales & ROI.

Drill-down To Your Ideal Customer

As an ethical or sustainable eCommerce brand, if you’re getting lots of traffic, but less than ideal conversions, then it could be that you’re not qualifying your visitors.

In other words, you might not be getting the wrong kind of customers landing on your site… or they may be landing on the wrong page for the stage in their buyer-journey.

This is something we can help to change. We’ll work with you to build a customer profile (persona), or review existing ones. Next, we target ads, landing pages, offers, and more – to places they will be seen by the people you want, using the messaging THEY want.

Another important step that is often overlooked is hitting the right keywords not just for your customers, but as mentioned above, for their stage in the buying cycle.

Full eCommerce Digital Marketing – By The eCom Specialists

As you can see from the rest of the content on this page, there’s a lot that needs to go into eCommerce marketing campaigns if you want to perform well… Which channels will work best, how to convert visitors to buyers (CRO), right through to ensuring you increase the average basket value. And it doesn’t stop with the sale! Enticing buyers to become repeat customers is vital!… It’s a lot to handle in-house.

Why Engage A Specialist eCommerce Agency?

The benefits of using a digital agency are obvious then… You get access to a multi-disciplined team to work across all of these areas, coupled with an account & project manager to keep all running smoothly.


Problems With Non-Specialist  Agencies

… BUT there’s a problem… agencies not dedicated to eCommerce marketing may not be quite as up to date as you think, nor reporting on the correct metrics to measure success.

Why Are eCommerce Agencies Different?

With an eCommerce specialist digital agency, you get the added benefit of:

  • A team that is truly up to date what works for eCommerce
  • Highly specialised knowledge
  • An agency that measures the RIGHT metrics, not just ‘keyword rankings’ and traffic, but also measures, and improves:
    • Conversion rates
    • Sales metrics
    • eCommerce Funnel stage success
    • Customer lifetime value
    • Reviews